The NMWP 2M connector is available in 2 keyings. The B plastic housing is black, and has two keys on the top, on either side of the latch. These will come with the terminal lock, terminals and wire seals, unassembled. A pigtail option is available for $5. This option will include 24" leads, with the wire seals and terminals already attached. Available wire colors are black, white, red, orange, yellow, green, blue.

The standard seal included is the blue seal which will work for most 18 or 20 gauge wire. To find the proper seals for your application, check here.
NMWP 2P M connector NMWP 2P M connector
NMWP M terminals NMWP seals

Where used:
DSM 1990: timing check, EGR(valve side)
DSM 1991-1994:timing check, EGR(valve side)
DSM 1995-1996:
DSM 1997-1999:
Galant:timing check
3S: EGR(harness side), ABS Sensor(sensor side), FP Resistor(resistor side) , Reverse Light Switch(switch side),
Rad Fans(fan side), Driving Lights 91-93(light side), Hood Switch(switch side), Washer Bottle(harness side)
NMWP 2P male PN# CON-NMWP2MB $10($15 for the pigtail)

Includes terminals and wire seals.

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