Custom Harnesses Our custom harnesses are designed to simplify your vehicle wiring. They are made with automotive grade wiring, OEM connectors and terminals, and quality construction material/methods that meet or exceed OEM spec. The goal is simple: buy the part, install it, then not have to think about it again. Click on thumbnails below to see full size image.

1. - 1Gina2G CAS harness(95-96 style) PN#HAR-1G2G95 $75

This harness will adapt a 1G CAS into a 95-96 DSM, perfect for 1G engine swaps. It connects at the CAS, and then plugs into the 2G cam and crank sensor connectors.
95-96 style CAS harness

2. - 1Gina2G CAS harness(97-99 style) PN#HAR-1G2G97 $75

This harness will adapt a 1G CAS into a 97-99 DSM, perfect for 1G engine swaps. It plugs in at the CAS, and then plugs into the 2G cam and crank sensor.
97-99 style CAS harness

3. - 1G CAS pigtail PN#HAR-1GCAS $40

This pigtail is designed to replace the 1G CAS connector and wiring, perfect for replacing damaged connectors and harnessing.
1G CAS pigtail

4. - 1G CAS Harness 90 PN#HAR-1GCAS90 $75

This harness will adapt a 91-94 CAS into a 90 DSM. It connects at the CAS, and then plugs into the 90 CAS harness connector. Perfect for replacing the old sensors and old wiring.
1G CAS harness 1990

5. - 1G IACV Harness 90 PN#HAR-1GIACV90 $40

This harness will adapt a 91-94 IACV into a 90 DSM. It connects at the IACV, and then plugs into the 90 IACV harness connector. Perfect for replacing the old sensors and old wiring.
1G IACV harness 1990

6. - 2G TPS Harness 90 PN#HAR-2GTPS90 $50

This harness will adapt a 95-99 TPS into a 90 DSM. It plugs in to the TPS, and then to the stock 90 harness. The 2G TPS also includes the wire for the idle switch. It will also allow a 1991-1994 TPS to be used in a 1990, but you will need to wire the idle switch separately.
2G TPS harness 1990


The OEM wire specs that I have seen for these cars look like they were AVS, or AVSS. I don't have the exact wire specs for the OE wire, so if anyone does, let me know. I do have the specs for AVS and AVSS, which is rated to only 80 degrees C. It is a little lower temperature rated than it should be for underhood.

Many of these cars are now seeing wiring problems because of the underhood heat, chemicals, and corrosion. The only real fix for that is to replace the wire or buy a new harness. While I have been going for exact OEM replacement on the connectors, I am trying to work with wires more readily available in the US, to make replacement wiring harness.

The mil-spec, tefzel, or aerospace grade(depending on who's talking about it) wire is great. It is very flexible, is rated for temps up to 150 C, and has a good sheathing. The sheathing is a good bit thinner than many, so it might not do as well on an impact or getting squished. But it is great aside from that. It just isn't cheap.

I have been using the wire used by most automotive OEMs in the US now. It follows SAE spec J1128. TXL(thinner wall sheathing) and GXL(standard wall thickness sheathing) are great options for wiring. They are much more affordable for wiring, and wire costs will add up if you are doing a lot of wiring. It is rated to 125 C, which is much better than the OEM, but not quite as good as Tefzel. Very chemical resistant, and flexible(with an exception below).

There are several sources for GXL or TXL wire(US automotive standard). But there are 2 limitations. Many do not offer striped wire without buying large amounts. And almost everyone selling the GXL or TXL, sell the lower quality version for 20 gauge wires. The 20 gauge comes in a 7 strand, and a 13 or 19 strand version. Aftermarket companies carry the 7 strand, which is less flexible, prone to breaking with any sort of stress applied. In the OEM harnesses I have examined, they use the 19 strand, which is much more flexible.

If you look at the OEM DSM harness, many circuits are 0.5mm wire which is close to 20 gauge. If you are recreating a harness, you will want to stay near the OEM size on most circuits, or else you will make the diameter of the harness grow significantly. This means using a wire that is both the same or near the same gauge, as well as using one that has a sheathing that is close to the same size.

I have 20 gauge TXL and GXL, in the 19 strand versions. Currently I mostly have GXL in solid wire colors, and a few TXL wires in stripes. I am working on getting stripes in to match some of the color combinations used on these cars. Contact me to if you are interested in these.

If you are going for the larger gauge wiring Waytek wire is a great source for the GXL and TXL in 18 gauge and larger. Their 20 gauge wire is the 7 strand type I would avoid.

For the tefzel wire, check out ProWireUSA. They have a lot of tefzel in a bunch of different gauges, and have many choices for the striped wires as well. They also carry a lot of the other components like Raychem tubing and Deutsch Autosport connnectors. I have not dealt with them personally, but the people I have spoken with that ordered from them said they were good to deal with.

All parts are shipped via USPS Priority Mail. For most small orders, the shipping total will be $6. For ordering information, email

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