FAQ Our goal is to give DSM owners access to connectors and wire harness parts that they wouldn't normally be able to get. We are sourcing the difficult to get underhood connectors, from the OEMs or their suppliers. These connectors are designed to be the correct connector, no cutting up connectors to try to make things fit. We are also working to provide a range of wire seals and other accessories to help build/repair the aging harnesses on these cars.

1. What wire do you use, and where can I get some?
2. Where do you get the connectors?
3. Can you buy X connector for me?
4. Can I buy crimpers from you?

1. What wire do you use and where can I get some? For these pigtails and wire leads, I use SAE J1128 spec GXL wiring. This is a good flexible wire that is the same wire used by many OEMs and OEM suppliers. Our pigtails and leads are all 18 AWG, unless otherwise specified. There are many places to get this wire, Waytek Wire is one online vendor. They also carry tapes, conduit and other materials to make wire harnesses.

One warning with GXL and TXL wiring, is that there are 2 specifications for 20 AWG wire. One has 7 larger strands, the other has 19 smaller strands. Because of the price, most shops carry the 7 strand wire. But it is not as flexible, and is prone to breaking. The 19 strand wire is much more flexible. I would not recommend using 20 AWG GXL, unless you have verified with the supplier that the wire is the higher strand count. For 18 AWG wire and higher, GXL and TXL use wire with more strands, so this is not an issue. Back to top

2. Where do you get the connectors? The connectors are sourced from a few different distributors in Asia and North America. I have been sourcing OEM connectors for the aftermarket for over a decade. Many of these have to be purchased in bulk to get them from the factory. Other connectors on the DSM are more common, and can be sourced from several places in the US. Mouser is one excellent source for terminals and connectors from many connector manufacturers. Back to top

3. Can you buy X connector for me? Generally, no. Buying connectors usually means having to buy terminals and wire seals as well, and this could wind up costing several thousand dollars, just for one connector. Not to mention the shipping from Asia, and the lead times involved. But I may be able to point you to a source for the connector. Back to top

4. Can I buy crimpers from you? The OEM crimpers are not something most people would want to purchase, they can cost several hundreds of dollars. As a result, I do not stock any of these.
I have found a decent universal crimper that I would recommend. It is the Hozan P706, and a search of that will bring up stores from Ebay, Amazon, and other places that stock it for under $70. Eastern Beaver is a good source of electrical components as well, and they do stock this crimper. Back to top

If you have any other questions, please email us at connectors@sheridanengineering.com.
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