1G2G 97 Harness

Our custom harnesses are designed to simplify your vehicle wiring. They are made with automotive grade wiring, OEM connectors and terminals, and quality construction material/methods that meet or exceed OEM spec. The goal is simple: buy the harness, install it, then not have to think about it again.

This harness is designed to connect between a 1G CAS, and a 97-99 style Eclipse Harness. This is the adapter harness that allows you to swap a 1G engine into a 2G car. It plugs directly into both the crank and cam connectors shown below. If your cam sensor connector is different, you may have a 95-96 style.
NMWP 3P triangle F connector 2G 97 CAS F connector

Below are the images of the harness and the connectors. Click on thumbnails below to see full size image of the harness and connectors.
97-99 style CAS harness
1G CAS connector NMWP 3P triangle male connector 2G 97 CAS M connector

1Gina2G CAS harness(97-99 style) PN#HAR-1G2G97 $75

All parts are shipped via USPS Priority Mail. For most small orders, the shipping total will be $6. For ordering information, email connectors@sheridanengineering.com.
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