The 2G ECU connectors are the OEM connector made by Tyco. There are 4 connectors, a 12 pin, 16 pin, 22 pin, and 26 pin. The 12 and 16 pin connectors use a smaller terminal, while the 22 pin and 26 pin connectors use some small terminals, and some large terminals.

There are 2 versions of the 2G ECU connector, and the terminals are not compatible between them. So it is important to get the terminals that match your connector.

There are also 2 sizes of the terminal inside the connector. There are some wider terminals, and some narrower terminals. These correspond to wider and narrower locations in the connector, so you have to make sure you use the correct size for the connector.

Early 2Gs came with a version of the connector with a rear folding latching piece that secures the terminals. Some Evos, and late 2Gs, came a version where the latch presses in from below. We don't have an exact split for which vehicles have the rear latch, vs. which ones have the side latch. I have seen rear latching on 95 and 96, and side latching on 97.

2G ECU connectors

Available only as a kit of all connectors and terminals. Terminals also available separately.

2G ECU connectors 2G ECU connectors

2G ECU connectors

Where used:
DSM 1990:
DSM 1991-1994:
DSM 1995-1996: ECU (rear latching?)
DSM 1997-1999: ECU (side latching?)
3S: 1991-1993: ECU (rear latching?)

2GECU style rear latch connector set PN# CON-2GECU-R $40 Includes terminals.
2GECU style rear latch small terminals PN# TERM-2GECUR-S $5 for 10
2GECU style rear latch large terminals PN# TERM-2GECUR-L $5 for 10

2GECU side latch connector set PN# CON-2GECU-S $40 Includes terminals.
2GECU style side latch small terminals PN# TERM-2GECUS-S $5 for 10
2GECU style side latch large terminals PN# TERM-2GECUS-L $5 for 10

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