The 2G ECT connector is a Tyco connector, the OEM supplier. It is for the Engine Coolant Temp sensor. It is in grey, instead of the factory black. I also have some of the green ones if that is preferred. And it is supplied with wire seals and terminals to match.

These connectors ship with orange wire seals by default. These wire seals are for wires with an OD of 1.6-2.1mm, and are good for 20 AWG GXL. If you need other seals, please specify it when ordering and we can swap them out as needed.

2G ECT Seal Color Wire Diameters (mm)
Orange 1.6 - 2.1
Light Blue 1.2 - 1.7

2G ECT connector

Where used:
DSM 1990:
DSM 1991-1994:
DSM 1995-1996: ECT
DSM 1997-1999: ECT
3S: 94-99 ECT

Includes terminals and wire seals.

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