SD 22F
The SD 22F connector is an unsealed 22 position connector with female terminals. They are made by the OEM supplier. There are 2 versions, with slightly different keying on the outside of the connector. Currently only the 'B' keying is available. They are used in the engine harness of the 2G, connecting under the dash.

The mating connectors are also available here.

SD 22 pos female connectors SD 22 pos female connector
SD female terminals

Where used:
DSM 1990:
DSM 1991-1994:
DSM 1995-1996:
DSM 1997-1999:
SD 22 POS F PN# CON-SD22FA $10

SD 22 POS F PN# CON-SD22FB $10

Terminals are included with the connectors. They can also be purchased separately:
SD F TERM PN# TERM-SDF 25 pieces $5

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