2G(95-99) TPS in a 90 Harness

Our custom harnesses are designed to simplify your vehicle wiring. They are made with automotive grade wiring, OEM connectors and terminals, and quality construction material/methods that meet or exceed OEM spec. The goal is simple: buy the harness, install it, then not have to think about it again.

This harness is designed to allow the 95-99 style 2G TPS to plug in to the 1990 style harness, but it will also work with any 91-94 style TPS as well. The difference is the 95-99 TPS has a built in idle switch, while the 91-94 style TPS requires an external idle switch. So to make a 91-94 style TPS work, you will need to wire in the additional sensor. 91-99 TPS use the same integrated connector.

All of the TPS from 91-99 have a connector built in, the 90 TPS has a pigtail coming out of the sensor. This harness plugs into the later style TPS, and is long enough to plug back into the 1990 harness.

It is built as shown below, with the connectors, 21" of wire, and the protective sleeving shown. The sleeving is designed to protect against abrasion and other underhood problems. The sleeve is heatshrinked at both ends to prevent fraying.

Click on thumbnails below to see full size image of the harness and connectors.
2G TPS harness 1990
2G TPS connector NMWP 4P B fe male connector

2G TPS 90 Harness PN#HAR-2GTPS90 $50

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