The 2G INJ connector is a reproduction of the OEM connector made by another overseas OEM. While many 2G cars came with our standard JFC 2P plugs, some in the 96-97 time frame came with these instead. These are highly prized because they do not have the metal clips, and are press to release. In addition to being found on the DSM, they are also found on several Chrysler cars from the late 90s.

These are not available as a pigtail, but the connectors will come with terminals, and seals. Hole plugs are available. Connectors are available individually, or as sets of 4 or 6. Terminals and seals are also available separately for people who already have these, and just need to replace the wiring.
2G INJ connector 2G INJ connector
2G INJ connector 2G INJ connector

Where used:
DSM 1990:
DSM 1991-1994:
DSM 1995-1996: 1996 injector
DSM 1997-1999: 1997 injector
PN#CON-2GINJ 1/$10 or 4/$30 or 6/$45
Includes terminals and wire seals.

PN# TERM-2GINJ $10 for 10 terminals and seals
10 terminals and seals for $10.

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